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Career Transition Coaching

Career and Lifestyle Synergies

Worklife Directions provides Career Coaching programs to help you find that perfect job.  Our aim is to match not just your skills but your interests and motivations, so that your career seems more like a hobby than a job.  

Confucius said "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life".

Click on the topics below to find out more about one on one coaching. You have a choice of interactive coaching methods, via phone or email, or face to face.  Inhouse group workshops can also be organised on the same topics.  Contact us for a quote.

Subjects include:

  • Managing Job Change - dealing with job loss is a very emotional and stressful time.  Learn coping, resilience, and planning strategies to take you on to a new phase in your life.
  • Identifying Career Choices - find out your personality type, what motivates you, your unique skills, and match these with a career.
  • Achieving Your Career Potential - an online assessment and one on one counselling to plan your new career and align it with your lifestyle.
  • Effective Job Applications - Resumes/Cover Letters/Selection Criteria - learn how to create a powerful marketing tool that will get you to the job interview.
  • Job Search Strategies - go beyond the obvious methods in your job search campaign; tap into hidden ones.
  • Successful Interview Techniques - don’t let the interview be your stumbling block in securing the job you really want.
  • Building People Skills - good interpersonal skills can be the differentiating factor  that sets you apart in your career success.
  • Managing Your Time - give yourself an edge over work colleagues by learning good time management skills.
  • Improving Body Language  - give yourself an advantage in the interview or with a client by better understanding and reading body language.
  • Starting a Business - be your own boss instead, and learn about starting or buying a business, including regulation, promoting and planning.
  • Life After Work - when you finally decide to quit, learn how to reprogram yourself and plan so that you live a full and happy life.

Free after coaching support available, email me:


"Working with Vanine really helped me clarify my strengths, work preferences and career goals.  We worked together to create a plan about how I could move from my current role to taking the next step in my career.  Having Vanine's guidance and support was so valuable and gave me real direction in finding the next role".

Jill Thomas, Cairns

"Thank you so much Vanine for your assistance.  You helped me turn having been made redundant from a negative into a positive experience.  With your expertise in interview techniques and one on one coaching you prepared me for life in a new industry after 25 years with the same employer.  Your positivity was infectious and always helped to raise the spirits when I felt a little low and tired of the redundancy process".

David Mincher, Townsville

"Vanine was a great help during my transition from one job to another.  She made sure that I was on track with my strategies and kept me focused on the end goal of obtaining a new job.  During what is a difficult time for many people today who have been made redundant, Vanine was there when you needed helpful advice and reassurance that you were following the right path." 

Brad Seymore, Townsville

"So appreciative of your time and assistace in a period of my life when I was made redundant at work.  Your advice and guidance was so helpful with me moving on with the next chapter.  Your expertise in resume writing and responding to key selection criteria really enhanced my ability in these areas to which I am very grateful.  Thanks Vanine for your patience and kindness".

Paul Neilson, Townsville

"Thank you Vanine for your career coaching and guidance.  I now feel prepared for a career transition from the defence forces to civvie street".

CPL Lara Drtina, Cairns


"I found Worklife Directions to be a very professional career coaching service.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of changing career paths or looking into expanding their job networking skills".

Andrew Moxham, Cairns Qld

"Vanine, thanks for your help throughout the Employee in Transition phase.  Your direction not only helped me focus on the aspects required to secure alternative employment but also steered me away from the negative impacts associated with redundancy.  It also improved my resume and cover letter presentation and you personally gave me more confidence at a time when it was lacking.  My thanks again".

Mike Snelson, Townsville Qld

"Very helpful, the assessment report was really insightful and I enjoyed completing the resume and interview skills workshops.  It helped to practice role-playing an interview and to think about examples for possible questions, as well as what sort of questions might be asked based on job descriptions/advertisements.  I also really appreciated being able to participate in workshops after hours and it was helpful to have the first initial consultation to talk about my situation and what might be the best way forward for me.  Thank you again Vanine".

Alisa Patterson, Cairns Qld

“Vanine has excellent training skills in the areas of human resources and professional and personal development coaching. I used her services to help me find work back into the legal profession.

I had been out of the industry for several years and she helped me to fine tune my resume, and improve my presentation, appearance and interviewing skills, as well as coach me to enable me to have the confidence to re-enter the legal profession as a solicitor.

As a result I was interviewed for several legal positions and accepted a job with a family legal firm”.

Belinda Down, Cairns Qld

"As a professional resume and selection criteria writer, it is essential for me to have colleagues whose expertise I can draw upon to assist my clients in meeting their career and personal goals. Many clients I see are looking for direction, are ready for change, sometimes confused and are unable to see their true self-worth.

Vanine Gilmore has proved herself to be highly capable of guiding my clients through the process of identifying their skills and abilities, valid career paths for their individual situation, and reflecting back to them how they are seen by the world, including of course potential employers. Time and again I have received positive feedback from my clients on the assistance Vanine has given them. Many clients have gone on to create successful careers out of a situation where they originally felt somewhat powerless at the fickleness of the job market or business environment, low in self-esteem and unable to identify their assets.

I can highly recommend Vanine’s services to anyone who is looking to get their life in order and on track, and willing to take on the challenge of managing their own personal development".

Chris Jenkins, The Resume Company, Cairns Qld

"I found myself in a dilemma with my career after owning and operating a very successful Real Estate business then moving Interstate due to family reasons. The positions I had been applying for, I found myself either too qualified or I just didn't want to start all over again at the bottom of the field. Knowing Vanine was setting up her Business I called her in desperation to seek her advice. Vanine put me on the right track and with her knowledge and experience, I now have the perfect position and enjoy the acknowledgement of being paid for my experience. It was worth the wait and not just accepting the first job that came along. Thank you Vanine"

Margaret Garnsey, Perth WA