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Executive Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

As a Senior Executive in your organisation, can you tick off the following skills and attributes?

  • Clear career vision and goals, and take responsibility for achieving them.
  • Understand the vision and goals of your firm, and know how to develop strategies for achieving them.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including good listening, influencing, persuading, and relationship building skills.
  • Good time management skills including prioritising, delegating, and balancing work and life.
  • Develop talent through recognising individual strengths and creating opportunities for people to perform.
  • Develop a customer focus for service excellence and customer loyalty through a strategy driven culture.
  • Lead, inspire and motivate employees to achieve business goals and find innovative solutions.
  • Manage workplace change by engaging team members to create new outcomes, maintain motivation and peak performance.

Coaching ensures that your interpersonal, leadership and strategic skills are aligned with the organisation’s desired leadership brand. Ensuring you have this is a powerful tool that will give you the advantage over others, and help you to move into more senior roles.

Generally, our programs involve the above key elements; however, Worklife Directions recognises the importance tailoring an Executive Coaching program to suit both your goals and those of your organisation. Programs are usually delivered off premises in a one on one, confidential environment.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower".  Steve Jobs

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