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Employee Transition and Outplacement Services

When organisations are going through change it can be very stressful for all its people, particularly if the firm is retrenching employees.  To minimise this stress a professionally managed outplacement program can be of help to both the employer and employees.

Outplacement is the counselling, support, guidance and training provided to employees faced with redundancy or career change.  These services facilitate the employees’ transition into alternate employment with another organisation, through the provision of a tailored support program.

Benefits to the organisation:

  • Minimisation of undesirable consequences
  • A positive image of the company projected to remaining employees, the community and the marketplace
  • A smooth termination process with minimum impact on the company’s business and remaining employees

Benefits to the separated employee:

  •  The trauma of job loss is minimised
  •  Positive attitudes and behaviours are developed
  •  Practical job search skills are acquired through ongoing support, counselling and coaching

Worklife services include:

Employer support on the day of retrenchment, including advice on how to deliver the news, handling reactions, and dealing with potential problems.

Initial one on one onsite counselling designed and conducted to enable the employee to come to terms with the emotional trauma of retrenchment.

Offsite one on one career transition consultation to tailor and deliver a suitable transition or outplacement program for the separated employee from the following:

  •  Managing Workplace Change
  •  Indentifying Career Choices 
  •  Career Assessment and Planning
  •  Effective Job Applications
  •  Job Search Strategies
  •  Successful Interview Techniques
  •  Starting a Business
  •  Life After Work (retirement)
  •  Follow up Coaching